This website provides information on the names HALSTED, HALSTEAD, HOLSTEAD, ALSTEAD, OLSTEAD and their variant families. If you are interested in researching any of these names, or finding out more about the HALSTEAD and variant families use the links to access the substantial amount of worldwide information. The research represents the work of many researchers and in return I encourage other researchers to include their information. The information in this website covers detailed narratives for many of these HALSTED and variant families. These narratives can be easily searched by Surname, or Master Index, or by searching the website. The narratives section will be generated and updated from the master database on a regular basis.

The site is maintained as part of The Halsted Trust, a registered educational charity, set up to continue the research into the HALSTE(A)D name and its variants. Details of the Trust can be found on its own website

A new page has been added which gives access to a separate database (at present) following the line from the three HALSTED brothers who left for the United States in the 1630's

A new page has also been added which has details of the Halstead DNA project

There is a link in the menu on the left to the that blog we maintain relating to the Halstead research

I hope that you find something of interest but in any event please contact me so that we can continue the work.